NH Ice Melt Manchester NH

Highest Quality Lawn Care, Inc. of Manchester, NH also offers NH Ice Melt. We are a licensed dealer and distributor of Ice B' Gone Magic Salt. This is a liquid de-icer that can be put on the roadway to help get rid of ice. Ice B' Gone Magic is put on rock salt to help keep roadways free of ice and slickness. Ice B' Gone Magic Salt enhances the rock salt so that it will last longer and work in lower temperatures. It is environmentally friendly and water soluble. We sell these in fifty pound bags. We also do salt stock pile treating. Highest Quality Lawn Care, Inc performs these duties mainly for municipal clients but commercial and homeowner clients are always welcomed. The benefits that you can expect from this product are incredible. You will see the elimination of black ice along with the melting of ice and snow. Ice B' Gone Magic Salt lasts for over twelve hours so if you use it residentially you can trust that it will last all day. It operates in temps as low as -35 degrees. Also, you will notice that ice and snow won't get packed on the roads. Ice and snow will not stick and bond to the pavement. Additionally, a great thing about Ice B' Gone Magic is that it works on anything! This includes, wood, asphalt, and concrete, and many more. People are also concerned with the salt during the winter damaging their cars. Ice B' Gone Magic will not rust cars. It is actually an anti-erosion inhibitor. What this means is that it eats rust. It won't harm metal in any way. We also provide salt stock pile treating which means we will come in and spray Ice B' Gone Magic onto already existing rock salt. Ice B' Gone Magic Salt in which the rock salt has already been treated is also sold. During storms we are open so that Ice B' Gone Magic Salt can be picked up and put to use immediately. This great product used to help NH Ice Melt can be picked up at our location at 15 Kingstreet in Aburn, New Hampsire 03032. If you have any questions about this product or services we offer give us at Highest Quality Lawn Care, Inc. of Manchester, NH a call.