Liming Manchester NH

If you want a healthy lawn call us at Highest Quality Lawn Care, Inc. of Manchester, NH. You can trust us to help make your lawn vigorous. One of our most popular services we perform is liming. Liming will help balance the pH of your lawn. The soil of your lawn has a pH and is classified as acid, alkaline, or neutral. We take a soil test at the beginning of the season or whenever a new customer may come to us. Six samples are taken and then mixed together into one. The next step is to send the soil sample to the lab to be analyzed. This testing will tell us the pH and buffer pH. The buffer pH will tell us how much limestone needs to be applied to the lawn. There are many great benefits of liming. If the pH of the lawn is not balanced fertilizer and weed control products may be unavailable to grass plants. In order to have a healthy lawn your pH must be balanced. Lime may be needed if the pH of your soil is too low so that you can bring it back to neutral so that everything can thrive again. Lime also adds calcium and magnesium to your soil. These two nutrients are important to preserve a lawn's color and vigor. It also helps protect from damage due to heat or drought. It is so important that your lawn's pH is well balanced so that you can receive all of the benefits of the fertilizers and weed controls that are being applied. It will also help with color, weed control and across the board with your lawns vitality. If you'd like the pH of your lawn tested to see if you need liming contact us today and speak to one of our certified technicians. If you already know the pH of your lawn is too acidic and you need liming, call us today.