Lawn Care Manchester NH

Highest Quality Lawn Care, Inc. of Manchester, NH offers the best in lawn care. Keeping your lawn healthy is not only good for the value of your house, it is important for the environment. Our lawn care program is an eight treatment program with six fertilizer applications. It also includes a grub control and a curative crabgrass application. Most of these treatments are done in liquid so that the weed control works better by getting into harder to reach places and absorbing more easily to kill weeds. We get better coverage and weed control without the mess that granular causes. We also use Merit grub control which we believe is the best grub control out there. Our insecticide is Permethrin which we have found very effective in ridding lawns of insects. An organic program can be done if necessary. We also offer tree and shrub care. This means that trees and shrubs will be getting fertilizer and pesticide applications. This is a four step program. For our tree and shrub care program we use the Integrative Pest Management approach. 80% of our work is done in New Hampshire and 20% is done in Massachusetts. We have four employees on average out performing these services. Each of our customers can expect to get one certified and professional lawn care technician to take care of all lawn care needs. We usually try to come the same day if you call us before noon. New customers can expect service within 24 hours of their call. Call Highest Quality Lawn Care, Inc. of Manchester, NH in the case that you want the best lawn care.