Aeration & Overseeding Manchester NH

At Highest Quality Lawn Care, Inc. of Manchester, NH we are professionals at aeration and overseeding. These two services together are greatly beneficial for your lawn's health and vigor. Core Aeration helps loosen the soil so that compacting that may have happened due to foot traffic and weather conditions is released. This allows more air and water to get to the roots of grass plants. The better the root system the healthier your lawn will be due to the fact that nutrients will be able to get to more of the lawn. We also do overseeding because once the soil is loosened up this is naturally a good time to put seed down. There are open holes due to core aeration which makes it much easier to access the soil and produce a beautiful turf. The seed is easily in contact with the soil and you will get an early germination. Aeration and Overseeding is one of the most important services we provide because it can help your lawn thrive again in no time. There are many benefits of core aeration and overseeding. Aeration helps more water and nutrients get to the roots while loosening any compacted soil simultaneously. This adds more air and water to the soil which makes a better seed bed for germination of new seeds. Many customers come to us and are concerned about the bare spots on their lawn. Core aeration and overseeding are the best option for lawns with bare spots because the dirt area has no seeds and needs to be built up. Once we core aerate the lawn we will put the seeds in and they will help fill in the thinner areas of the lawn. Aeration and overseeding also helps to reduce weeds. Thin and patchy dry areas are where some weeds like to germinate. Once your lawn is thick and healthy again, you'll notice the weeds disappearing. The main benefit of core aeration and overseeding is the fact that you will get a fuller and better-looking lawn. You can trust your lawn with our certified and trained lawn care technician. They will answer any questions you may have about the service and you will be able to see a difference in your lawn after this service is provided. If you believe core aeration and overseeding may be the best option for your lawn, contact us at Highest Quality Lawn Care, Inc. of Manchester, NH, to talk to one of our knowledgeable technicians and learn more.